The federal police arranges today, Tuesday, is a new flitsmarathon in collaboration with the police forces to implement them over a period of 24 hours, the whole of the country, the intensive speed from it.

in This edition of the flitsmarathon, which is organised by the integrated police force, is going to be 6 hours from the start. “With this campaign, we want to cooperate with our partners in road safety to improve, the number of victims in case of accidents continue to decline,” says Koen Ricour, president of the federal police.

During the eleventh flitsmarathon in the beginning of april, check with the federal police, and in one of the 132 police forces across the country 1.087.511 vehicles. Thereof the reason, 29.450, directors, or 2,71 percent of people. Sixty-five drivers have had their driving licence to hand.
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