Fuel oil will be on Tuesday, more expensive


domestic heating oil go, it is Tuesday, a little more expensive. The maximum price for a litre of rose by 1.32 cents to 0,6694 euros in the case of orders of more than 2000 litres of fuel. It reports to the Directorate-General for Energy of the FPS Economy, on Monday.

In the case of orders of less than 2,000 litres, increases up to the maximum price for a litre of petrol by 1.32 cents to 0,6990 of the euro. The pump shall be from Tuesday, the maximum was 0.8 euro a litre of petrol will be paid, an increase of 1.3 cents.

The changes are a result of the price of petroleum products in the international market.

for More on Oil, Petrol and diesel prices will rise as of tomorrow Joint call for the government to: “Ban the stookolieketels to put” the Oil prices shoot up to the height, after the US, the end of exemptions for the purchase of Iranian oil and presence of Oil is a bit more expensive