and The family of Gerrit-Jan, V., the father, who is out this week with his five children from a remote farm in the Netherlands Ruinerwold, it was released for the first time to respond to the survey. “The three of us, his children, in 2011, when the family was still in Hasselt to live in the house and even had to flee”, as it says in a statement.

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in The statement, which was written by the brothers and sisters in the lead-up to Jan. The guy in the nineteen eighties, all of the bands with his or her immediate family have been lost. “He has told us that we will not make any attempt were to take him to his place of residence is to be found”, it could be, amongst other things.

In 2011, when Gerrit-Jan is still in the Netherlands, Hasselt was living, the three sons of the man of the house and fled. They came out with their brothers from a previous marriage, with grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. “The family was not aware of the existence of more children.”

The mother-of-Gerrit-Jan, passed away in march of 2017. And even then, he managed the chamber is not the place of residence of the man to figure it out. “We are upset to read the events in Ruinerwold. (…) We will have a regional police force for all of the information that is required to be in the background of this play is to clear up the matter.”

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