Philippe Clement is hoping to Bruges publicity stunt at PSG: don’t they have a new pandoering we don’t


have No fear, for a new high score for Philippe Clement, however, a fresh courage, a new line. That said, the ‘ coach Tuesday night at his press conference in Paris, france.

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Paris-Saint-Germain-06/11 21:00 Club Brugge-Click here to see some of the features We knew in advance that there will be four matches out of category. Thus, once a match is found, in Bruges, and has left no trace,” said Clement. “It’s the difference between the PSG and the Club has been really great. Our point in Madrid, and it was a very dangerous place, and now we have two more games in order to repeat the stunt.”

the crew of the Tuchel last weekend and lost against the hekkensluiter of Dijon, which does not change. “I have a match and seen that, she could have been twenty times as bad. As a match, it happens to every team once during the regular season. However, I’d like to go the Wednesday, going to happen.”

He and Dennis train with them

the good news: He and Dennis are training tonight in the Parc des Princes. Or are they tomorrow will also be effective be able to play it, it is still not at all sure of that. Already to Clement, there is a good view into it. “That they are, in and of itself positive,” she said. In comparison to the match, in Bruges, the credit to Clement for a number of players. Thus, Mitrovic, and Ricca, and this time, yes. The duo will also be at the kick-off, as expected.

What Clement is the wonderelftal in Paris, this time, plugging, remains to be seen. “You know that my phone will never have a gameplan to speak. That is, you couldn’t see it. A plan for the Mbappé? Do not be specific. Because if you put him / her in the eye, then you’ve got Cavani, Icardi, Di Maria or others, that will suddenly be released. The danger comes from all sides. Like everyone else FOLLOWING in Europe of late, we have seen in Belgium. We need to have a plan to find them, collectively, to deal with that. Don’t they have a pandoering we don’t have. Then, we had better remained at home. We’re going to have everything to do with our qualities, to make it harder for them to do.”

as of Or FOLLOWING this season, is a potential winner of the Champions League, would anyone even know about it. “It’s one of the best teams in Europe. But, in order for the CL to win it, you must take it in april and may, are in place. Sometimes it is an accomplishment of the details, but I’m sure they’re very, very far to get to.”

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> Diatta: “We will be training for such a big match to play:

After a difficult season start, touch Krépin Diatta, slowly but surely, at full speed. “I have always enjoyed working at the Club. It’s not like I’m at the beginning of the season and the less fortunate in the ran”, said the Senegalese. “I have in the meantime become a key player for some time? I don’t think so. The entire team, it is very important to us. And you can see that in every match. The danger comes from everywhere.”

he had no fear for the competition on Wednesday. “Mentally, we’re ready for this match. In Bruges, we have been through difficult times, but we have to continue to work. The Stress isn’t there, and I am entirely calm. PSG was our first defeat of the season. Against a team that is no disgrace.”

Diatta is not in the match at the Parc des Princes is already lost, it is. “We have to train for such a big match to play. It’s not because the other European top teams but rather were to lose, that we now have no chance of making it. PSG is one of the best teams in Europe. Time to focus on our own team, it is now the most important thing.”

you can send it in Santagio Bernabeu will give a glimmer of hope that there is something it is possible. Now that the Club some of the in an was able to recover it. “A draw in Madrid, no one gave a penny for it. However, we know that we are working with our state of mind is reached. We’re going to have anything do to well against PSG to deal with. Why shouldn’t I?” The Parisians would Diatta in fact, for a while at the track. “I focus solely on the Club. The rest of it doesn’t count. This is not the time to discuss things and talk. Once a match is found, it is, therefore, not a special one for me. Tomorrow, we want to have a job.”

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