According to minister of Justice Koen Geens (CD&V). there is no reason to panic,” now there are two new Belgian ISIS militants have escaped from a Kurdish prison in northern Syria. Man relies primarily on the major powers in the region, in order to have the situation in hand, ” he said Wednesday night in a ‘Relevant’.

Man, that’s what the escaped prisoners are still under the influence of ISIS ideology,” could have been, but points out that it is the two very difficult to go back to Europe “because of the heavily guarded Turkish border is closed, it follows that Jordan is impossible, and Iraq is very difficult, it is. That is, the situation is serious, it is so obvious. However, we have a responsibility not to panic.”

Still, need to Need to admit that in Belgium, the situation is completely under control. So the charges you Need at the time, in the region where it is a problem for us to solve the problem. “They have all the reason to be that the ISIS fighters were to escape, they will do their best to make the camps and prisons are to be monitored. The Kurds, along with the Syrians and the Russians, with which the camps shall go to guard the patient’s safety and not bring the worst of the case.”
More about the Syriëstrijders Syriëgangers sue the Dutch state in order for them to achieve Islamic State, claims that women are to be liberated by the Kurds, were detained for a Certain 54 in the Belgian Syriëstrijders locked up in the northern part of Syria, a Belgian Syriëstrijdster from the unguarded camp was able to escape, it may have been in Turkey