The former defender Kelvin Maynard, who Wednesday night in Amsterdam, was shot dead, was known to the Dutch police. A spokesperson for the police confirmed to me that he is in the system. What he might have had, she was not able to say.

The 32-year-old Maynard, was shot dead in a car in the Langbroekdreef. According to the zegsvrouw, he was probably chased from the Alderman of The Roosplein in the direction of the Valburgdreef, where the ride ended at the spot where the victim was using the vehicle at the side of a station again.

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the Video is: The Telegraph.

Two of the suspects were on a black scooter and took off. According to the police, there is, as yet, have no connection with the liquidation of a lawyer’s Derk, Wiersum earlier in the day. Maynard was, inter alia, for FC Volendam, FC Emmen and FC. This season, he has played in the amateurclub Alphense Boys. The club is stunned at the death of a football player.

READ ON FOR MORE. Second, colleagues in a state of shock after the winding-up Maynard is in the city: “Topkerel, solid football player,”

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