Sunday, the start of the world cup in Yorkshire, with a combined ploegenaflossing, which is a new event for national teams, in which women and men are together will come true. The new test will replace the traditional team time trial, much to the dissatisfaction of Patrick Lefevere, CEO of the Deceuninck-Quick Step.

ever Since the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in limburg 2012, the team time trial merkenteams is the traditional opener of the uci road world championships. This year, for the first time, not so much. Just like at the last european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and introduces the third round of the uci the UCI is a ‘repayment’ for the mixed-country teams. First time to drive the three men to a team time trial, the three women resolve them, thereafter, decreased. The joint time is of the essence. The concept fits in with the efforts of the International Olympic Committee, to more gender equality in sport.

Patrick Lefevere, from Deceuninck’s Quick Step was, however, not a big fan of “If it’s just mine, depend on it, then I would be at this event-heavy year. The team time trial, it was a wonderful discipline, and I say this not just because we’re a four-time world champion has become. It was comfortable, and the best teams put their best runners on. Also, in the fietsenconstructeurs alive and that is huge. And now, in the UCI’s us move on.”

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Lefevere is a mixed repayment is not a good replacement: “I believe in this concept. What are you going to see? The netherlands is going to win in a five-minute head start. That machtsverschil, it is way too big. The best riders will pick their nose for it. Associations have the greatest difficulty to get a decent team together. The UCI thinks that the event will grow in the future, I don’t think so.”

the Deceuninck-Quick Step) is one of eleven cycling teams, who is the owner of Velon, a joint-venture company that will own leagues, such as the “Hammer” Series. Velon would be contrary to the position of the UCI, have to go, will find the Lefevere: “We have our riders do not have to disclose it. And then, on the same day on their own world cup ploegentijdrijden to organize. Elia Viviani wanted to necessarily be involved, because he, along with his girlfriend, Elena Cecchini and drive. Before that, he wanted to have a few days to go before the end of the package in the Tour of Slovakia. But a traitor , that is, he is allowed to do so. The Tour of Slovakia on Saturday and the mixed CHAMPIONSHIPS on Sunday. He will just have to make sure that he was there at the time.”

finally, Lefevere emphasizes that its opposition to the joint ploegenaflossing should not be seen as a disregard for the vrouwenwielrennen: “I’m vrouwenwielrennen. I get regularly accused of Deceuninck’s a Quick Step not a women’s team, but I have to be the sponsor for Experza-Footlogix, and the women’s team by Christel Herremans. Who is to say that I don’t do it for dameswielrennen is wrong.”

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