On Christmas eve, and in the course of the night to the 1. The Christmas holiday has given it in the hambach forest again riots. Late on Monday night, masked Unknown pelted the security camp of the energy group RWE with Molotov cocktails and stones, such as the Aachen police announced on Tuesday. Two vehicles had caught fire and two other Cars were damaged by thrown stones.

On the way to the burning cars at the RWE-unit base Unknown stones would be thrown on the fire trucks of the fire brigade. Also you put there a barricade on fire. The Unknown had subsequently fled into the forest.

The police was still in the night with numerous officers and a police helicopter. The criminal investigation determined, among other things, due to the suspicion of a particularly serious violation, willful arson, and grievous bodily harm.

The Hambacher forest between Cologne and Aachen. in the past few months, the Symbol for the resistance against the brown-coal-fired power generation The RWE group intends to grub up a part of the forest, to increase the size of the adjacent open pit mine of Hambach. The higher administrative court in Münster imposed, however, stop at the beginning of October by Eilbeschluss a Clearing.