Bruges (brugge) –

the Employees of Dana, Belgium, in Bruges, and have room for the work to be deposited. The company is specialized in the production of propulsion systems including axles for passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles. The board has decided that there will be more machines than they planned to disappear, leaving 35 employees to their jobs are likely to be lost.

on Tuesday, the board of management at Dana Belgium that there are at least 22 machines to be removed from the plant. That is more than was previously announced. As a result, 35 to 40 workers to lose their jobs. According to the board of directors of the short-term contracts, but the unions are worried about the implications for a full-time staff. “We know that there are a few of the machines went away, but there are still a lot more than we expected. The temporary contracts will be reduced in the future, the long-term contracts, it is uncertain,” says Henk Deprez of trade unions of Metal. The board ensures that the reform had no impact on the long-term contracts.

The staff explained Wednesday morning for a period of 24 hours of work down to it, there is no-one to get started. On Thursday, follows a meeting between the unions and the board of directors. “It is now up to the executive board for the purpose of clarity. We’ll have to see if there are still actions to be taken,” said Deprez.