in their statement that the ear, nose, throat, and oorartsen to be a lot of trommelvliesbuisjes post, the Christian Mutual health insurance funds (MM) patients to see their doctor to be suspicious. That said, the Belgian Association of Artsensyndicaten (BVAS). The BVAS can be this type of attack is not acceptable.

The cabinet also reported on Wednesday that there is still a lot of children trommelvliesbuisje because they frequently suffer from ear infections. However, this procedure is usually not necessary, said the health care provider. According to the cms, go to the one hospital that is up to 14 times faster in the intervention than in the other.

The BVAS fully understand the exasperated response from the professional association of ear, nose, throat, and oorartsen, which states that, Luc Van Gorp, president of the cms, science has no leg to stand on, and that the risks of the surgery, the “great seating” as they are.

“Apparently, the cabinet, their task is to the doctors, who, in good faith in their dealing with patients, able to make it,” said Philippe Devos, president of the BVAS. “It is a systematic undermining of the trust and confidence that patients have in their doctors, it is harmful to human health. Luc Van Gorp know, it’s apparently better than the doctors. However, it has been the organisation no ear, nose, throat, and oorartsen in its ranks.”

according to the BVAS is little known is that the health insurance companies own financial gain, to be able to as well as allocated budget for medical services is not fully published. “They will receive a bonus. This, together with the cost savings on the high costs of the health insurance companies who have the government of them upon his may be the explanation for the persistent and repetitive attacks, Luc Van Gorp, the artsenkorps,” said He.
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