Just before the last break of the day 3 of the uefa Champions League is Club Brugge and sure enough, on the second place in group A. But Clement, you’re not going crazy. He said that a third of this group still have a superior performance, it would have been.

“Actually, we had a four or a six, and you’re now in a completely different situation, but so be it,” said Clement. “We don’t look to the past as well. However, depending on the result, we are not going to rely on. First, we will play against PSG, Sunday at the Standard. That’s the only thing that currently matters. For the calculations, it is still too early in the morning. This is a mind-blowing group is to be able to qualify, but we are going to try to do everything,” he says.

“just A point against PSG would be a very dangerous place to be, a blessing in itself, a miracle. This is a team with a 3-0 won against Real Madrid. To me, it says that it is enough. FOLLOWING is a step higher than the Real in that respect.” The Club wants the match re-complexloos approach. This approach has brought an unexpected edge to be in Madrid, spain. “If you talk to them before you were sixteen is going to be waiting for, to play football, they go through it. That’s what they do every weekend in France. This is one of the four matches this season where we have only things to gain. In Madrid, my boys are great things to be shown, but I want to have it confirmed. The players must give it their all and make the most out of it. And then we’ll see. The dangers in this match, in my eyes at the sight in front of Club Brugge. There is nothing to lose. PSG have plenty of quality, but in 90 minutes you can, of course, you have to have something special to do. One sign for each season, it is usually good to have a team, but we want to be there any more.”

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> Clement is still looking for a solution to the suspended Creator, but that knot is primarily made by the medical staff. Balanta was a month out with a hamstring injury and starred for a minute at the end of september. “Balanta has been fully trained through a lot, but tomorrow, we’ll decide later. The medical staff is actually, they provide information on whether he should start or how many minutes he can play,” explains Clement to. “The day before the match and sets up a training course not really a lot of. I’m waiting on him to release it. The same is true for Mitrovic.”

On Diagne, and not in the core, which had been Lenient with the next one to sign up. “I’ve seen the last few days a lot of it.” Clement duimt for Balanta, but also the Writers and Kossounou – this past Friday, the low in the society, are any of the options, as the Colombian is still not fit enough to receive it. Wait, so if tomorrow, in addition to Vanaken and the Zipper will start.

Agent: “Mbappé and Cavani? I just want my match to play,”

It is bloedvorm after Eden Hazard and must be Clinton, Some are now even Cavani, Mbappé and his friends plug. In fear Some do not. “Mpabbé, Cavani… I focus just on the team. Just as at other times, I want to take my game to play”, he pushed the praise to him. “Things are going well for the time being and the team is in good shape. As it grows each and every player as an individual, and it is even more valuable.”

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> In a system with three defenders in the build-up, he felt himself to be a complete sas. “I still have a lot to learn. We play football with our style of its own, and that we need to continue to do so. To us, football is every week is better. On Tuesday, we need to reinstall office with no facilities. Each and every match in the Champions League is very difficult, and FOLLOWING it will definitely cause a problem. But I am expecting a very good game.”

More about Club Brugge SJOTCAST. Is that Anderlecht finally went? Episode 11 is online now! To the fans of PSG, with the “combi control” you? or not? The council of State should be button changes FOLLOWING, without Neymar, Kehrer, Draxler, and Gueye, against Club Brugge in the Europa League is Good news for Clement and Club Brugge in the last training session before the Champions League match with PSG