Kortrijk –

A 58-year-old teacher in the court of first instance in Kortrijk (belgium) to answer since he was a 16-year-old would have a stroke did. He had to control a strafstudie, but the situation got out of hand. “I was being harassed by the students, and that’s what I respond to,” said the defendant.

Some of the 16-year-old girls were being punished because they’re using pepper spray in a classroom was sprayed, and the teacher was given the task to set them up. “The strafstudie stated that they have chores to carry out, but the students refused and began to put him to the real” so called lawyer, Jan Leysen.

When a girl is in to him, got off and called for the study of the past to be able to leave, so he gave it to her in her own words, a push. However, according to the victim, and the lawyer, Thomas, Vandemeulebroucke was a blow. It was an attempt at mediation is undertaken, however, the prosecutor demanded that the case, the court would have to be dealt with. “There has to be an objective witness, which is the story of my client are installed. He hit her with a fist to the face. That will have far-reaching facts to a teacher than another,” according to Vandemeulebroucke.

The chief prosecutor said on Wednesday that he is in court is not the appropriate forum was for this to be done, but the continued necessity of the suspension. The defendant asked for the suspension of the sentence. “For my client to respond to solicitation from the young ladies. It’s not exactly a solemn communicantjes, but to the rude teenagers that have pepper spray in the classroom, and a teacher of tease.” The verdict will follow on the 13th of november.