Just because the filing campaign is over doesn’t mean you’re done with taxes. Far from it, on the contrary! In fact, tax deadlines will continue to follow one another in the months to come. Some taxpayers, whose income turned out to be higher than expected, may have to pay a little more than estimated by the tax authorities at the time of the withholding tax. In which case, they will have to pay the supplement, potentially in several instalments. If it does not exceed 300 euros, they will be able to pay in one go in September. Otherwise, as Planet explained in February, they will do it in four installments from September to December. Moreover, French women and men facing the opposite situation should benefit from a refund by transfer or check between July 22 and August 5, 2022.

However, informs Le Revenu on its site, this may not be the only element to take into account. The tax, by the end of the summer, could potentially change its face. In question ? The desire for transformation of the President of the Republic, who has already made it known that he appreciated removing some of the charges that weigh on the purchasing power of taxpayers. Summary of the measures announced.

First important point: Emmanuel Macron intends to rework the income tax scale, so that it appears more consistent with the inflation observed in France. It was the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, who made the announcement in June 2022. “We are going to index the income tax scale to inflation to avoid these threshold effects”, he thus declared, explaining on the set of BFMTV to worry about the situation of taxpayers who could switch “to income tax or to an additional tranche” following a salary increase, for example. example.

That being said, Emmanuel Macron is also betting on the abolition of certain taxes considered irrelevant. Explanations.

Two taxes are on the government’s list of abolitions, continues Le Revenu. The housing tax, which has already been considerably reduced during the previous five-year term, remains paid by 20% of French men and women. In accordance with the commitments made during the past term of office, the wealthiest should therefore benefit from the promised abolition. At least… On the only main residence, of course.

However, a significant number of taxpayers continue to receive a tax notice relating to housing tax. This is not surprising: it is backed by the contribution to public broadcasting, which theoretically all households equipped with a device capable of broadcasting pay. But that might not last! The president has also undertaken to save 138 euros per year for the latter, by eliminating this tax.

Certain tax changes planned for this summer must even come into force from June 14, 2022, informs Ouest-France. In this case, our colleagues specify, it is the individual employers who are entitled to a demonstration of affection… a bit late. They now have access to the immediate tax credit advance promised last April.

By going through the Cesu platform, it will therefore be possible to no longer need to advance the part reimbursed by the State in the context of the employment of an employee at home. All in all, more than 8,000 organizations are concerned, especially since childcare work for children over the age of six has entered the list of eligible tasks.

This simplification of access to the tax niche could allow growth of 20 to 30% in the personal service sector.