Zidane counterbalances criticism of Courtois, and knows what is wrong with Real Madrid: It’s the fault of everybody.


Zinedine Zidane to be a lack of intensity from his team after Real Madrid won’t stand a chance with a 3-0 down, was in Paris, france. Particularly Thibaut Courtois, it was the Spanish that existed, not least because of the Madrid popular and Keylor Navas on the other side in the FOLLOWING in the target was. Zidane has defended in a press conference after goalkeeper, although they only what a cliché.

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the Paris Saint-Germain, End of 3 – 0 to Real Madrid, Report Layouts, FOLLOWING versmachtte to Real Madrid in the process. “It is quite clear that they were better than us in every line”, and had Zidane in retrospect to admit it. “The way in which they have played in the midfield… What I find particularly frustrating is the lack of intensity on our part. At this level, it is impossible. They are very good at creating chances, and that’s not what worries me, however, the lack of intensity on our side is going to be frustrating for me.”

“Funny feeling with Bale, Benzema and Hazard and not risk creating”

The PSG duo Idrissa Gueye and Marco Verratti versmachtte Real in the society, which is the Royal, not even a single time, the target was to shoot at the Parc des Princes. “It’s a weird feeling to not have a good opportunity with the players at the front of the card? – Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and Eden Hazard,” said Zidane. “You can have bad games but if you play with intensity, and when you’re fighting for the ball, and you’ll always be in the game.”

(invisible), Eden Hazard seems to be after his injury, and the aftermath is still some respite, but, according to the press, played, Thibaut Courtois is not the best, especially for the first goal, they didn’t quit when he has the ball, it was defeated. But for Zidane wiped off any criticism of the Belgian is on the table. “It’s the fault of everyone else. We win together, we lose together,” he said.

Thibaut Courtois himself has responded briefly on Twitter, where he, in the words of his coach repeated: “there is No excuses for this defeat, we were lacking intensity. Let us work hard and think about the next game.”

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Keylor Navas, left this summer to Madrid, spain and moved to Paris, because he was following the arrival of Courtois is no longer the owner, was. The Costa Rican took place between 2016 and 2018, however, the first choice at the Spanish club, and has won it three years in a row in the Champions League. His popular reputation seems to be that of Courtois chase, especially in a straight fight, as they did yesterday.

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you want to Navas himself, not the world say, “It was strange to see my former team-mates in front of me, standing in the tunnel”, he admitted. “But that can happen in football, and I’m still friends with them to the field means, however, are not ready.”

“no, I can’t see this as a revenge”, he went on. “As soon as I arrived in Paris, I felt that I was at home. I’m happy at PSG and Madrid are concerned, I only have good memories about it. I have no resentment for anyone. I was left with a Real, not because one or the other of this or of that being said, I went to my family, and I thought it was the best decision to make at this time.”