War in Ukraine, drought, shortages… This year, the shopping cart of French consumers is put to the test. Unfortunately, this situation is likely to continue, according to the words of Dominique Schelcher, president of System U, in the columns of France Info. According to him, inflation could settle “sustainably” in the country, on a “sustainable backdrop”. Worse still, we would “not yet be at the peak of inflation”, according to the CEO of the group. While it is currently estimated at 5%, it could “reach 8 to 10% over the whole of 2022”.

Mustard, sriracha sauce, sunflower oil… Supermarket shelves are gradually emptying of certain products, which are now almost impossible to find. According to Dominique Schelcher, the next victim of a shortage could well be butter, which is seeing “slightly pearly shortages, depending on production difficulties or the availability of packaging (…) our suppliers alert me to availability of butter from autumn”.

Don’t panic: each food has an alternative, or even several… This is the case with butter! Here’s what you can use instead: