Fall is already well underway, and your finances… too. Since the start of the school year, deductions and tax deadlines have been linked.

This Thursday, October 27 is not to be outdone: two samples are on the program.

The first concerns income tax, the second, property tax.

Indeed, according to the tax calendar communicated by the Public Service website, October 27 corresponds to the date of the second income tax deduction if the amount of the remainder to be paid is greater than 300 euros.

Thus, if your tax notice for the year 2021 informs you that you have a balance to settle, (this amount corresponds to the total amount of income tax that you owe in respect of income received in 2021 after deduction of the amounts which have already been deducted from you at source in 2021), and that this sum is greater than 300 euros, it will be deducted in three instalments, by the end of the year.

But that’s not all. Thursday, October 27 is also the time from which the deduction of your property tax will be effective on your account, if however you are an individual and you have opted for online payment.

In short, the day promises to be busy for the portfolio: scrutinize your statements carefully, to avoid unpleasant surprises…

Especially since in November, the tax calendar continues with a vengeance. Next month, it will be necessary to pay the housing tax, in particular.

Don’t forget that you can also modify your tax return until December 14 if you have noticed an error.