“Kind”, “reserved”… There is no shortage of words to describe with emotion the teenager that was Lola, 12, brutally killed and abandoned in a trunk on Friday October 14, 2022.

As she returned from college, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, little Lola entered her building for the last time around 3:20 p.m., evidence of the video surveillance recordings of her residence.

Very quickly, the noose tightened around a woman, Dahbia B., who accompanied the child in the lobby of the building in the afternoon… And came out alone a few hours later, shortly time before 5 p.m. The 24-year-old suspect was holding a trunk and two suitcases.

Arrested and then indicted for “aggravated murder of a 15-year-old minor” and “rape of a minor with acts of torture and barbarity”, the alleged murderer of Lola was placed in pre-trial detention in Fresnes in the Val-de- Marl.

During her hearings at the crime squad, the 24-year-old woman oscillated between detailed confessions, moments of lucidity, version changes, offhand statements and emotional gaps.

According to a document consulted by AFP, Dahbia B. would have shown a serious lack of empathy for the victim…

“It makes me neither hot nor cold. I too was raped and saw my parents die in front of me,” the twenty-something reportedly told investigators who presented her with pictures of Lola’s remains.

If Dahbia B. had a clean criminal record, she was however known to the police as a victim of domestic violence since 2018.

Her sister, her boyfriend and other acquaintances of the main suspect described the latter as a woman with three “charming”, “lovable”…

Dahbia B., born in Algeria in 1998, arrived in France in 2016 with a student residence permit. Holder of a CAP restoration, the young woman has neither housing, nor a job or any other source of income at the time of her indictment.

She lived with one of her acquaintances, in the Val-de-Marne, and she happened to spend a few nights with her sister, who lived in the same building as Lola and her family in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.

According to information from Le Parisien, the sister of the suspect believed that Dahbia had been holding for some time “disjointed and incoherent remarks” and would have been marginalized.

On the occasion of what the sister describes as “obsessive discussions”, the alleged murderer would have evoked the themes of love and the sky.

Interviewed by BFMTV, an ex-boyfriend of Dahbia says that the suspect had strange dreams lately, where she saw her deceased mother…

“When I found out it was her, I fell apart (…) She’s very charming, she’s very beautiful, she’s very kind… I didn’t know her just like that , she went out with me, she came with me to Marseille, to Cannes, to the Côte d’Azur …”, describes the man to the continuous news channel.

Remember that the suspect Dahbia B. benefits at this stage from the presumption of innocence.

“The last time I saw her, she was derailed by religion”, continues the ex-boyfriend of the young woman, addressing in particular satanic excesses…

The last time the man saw Dahbia, ten days ago, the suspect had “lost the ball a bit”. “She was talking to herself. She was talking between her lips… I was like, ‘what are you saying?’ She was like, ‘nothing, nothing, it’s between me and me'”, reports the ex companion of the alleged murderer. According to him, the death of his parents could have pushed Dahbia to glimpse a new relationship to religion, evoking Satanism and evangelism.

Pending psychiatric expertise, the alleged murderer is considered to be in full possession of her faculties.