rumst It and cracks, the sky is colorfully illuminated, the air full of smoke: So you know the new year’s eve. It was, according to Jürgen Schmoll, one would especially hear champagne glasses clinking, could see in clear weather, maybe a few stars and the air would be clean.

The 75-year-old Munich is involved with two other activists of the Initiative “new year’s eve böllerei – no, thank you”. Your goal: no private fireworks and more at new year’s eve. “We brakes are no Fun,” says Schmoll. But really need to greet every neighbor in the new year with the fifty-piece firecracker pack for 1,99 Euro from the discounters? An urban fire would be the factory for all is not sufficient? In other cities this is already the case. In Brussels, there is, for example, since 2000, no private fireworks in Sydney, Australia, there are only a few Large instead of many small events.

For two years, the Initiative is collecting signatures. In this year, they had meetings with the Munich Department of the Environment, as well as the urban citizens. There have been a lot of approval, is reported by Schmoll. In ten of the twelve meetings a majority for a resolution against private fire was works. The founders of the Initiative, disrupt, among other things, to the fine dust created by the fireworks. “Our air in Munich is already bad and presents a health risk,” says Schmoll. On new year’s eve it was especially bad.

Actually, according to the Federal Environmental Agency, 4500 tons of particulate matter PM10 (particles with an aerodynamic diameter of ten micrometers or less) in the new year’s eve. This corresponds to 15.5 percent of the emissions produced annually by the auto transport and 2.25 percent of all emissions generated in 2016 in Germany – causes, mostly in a half-hour. The permissible daily mean value of 50 micro grams per cubic meter was exceeded, therefore, the turn of the year 2016/17 to 129 of 320 monitoring stations in the Federal territory. Annually, 35 exceeding the per measurement station are allowed. A little Wind will spread the fine dust quickly, in the new year’s eve is widely consumed by the first exception on the first day of the year.

support for Schmoll’s Initiative by the Association of pulmonologists. “We see with concern that the limits on new year’s eve will be regularly exceeded,” says spokesman Michael Barczok, the lung doctor in Ulm is established. “Especially asthmatics and Sufferers of the lung disease COPD to suffer from the pungent air.” Many would have to wait for the turn of the year, so indoors with the Windows closed, and doors. But even healthy people would have to frequently cough. “The Dirt, the mixes on new year’s eve with cold air and fog, does anyone any good,” says Barczok. In the long term, bad air, bad not only the lungs but also the cardiovascular System and the metabolism. No one fear, however, nowadays, more evil spirits, to be sold for the new year, with all of the noise.

the Deutsche umwelthilfe calls because of the fine dust is a reference of fireworks from the cities, the German Association of cities has rejected the claim, however. While it is true that the environment and the health of fireworks “to a certain extent” would be charged. “As a result, to derive, to relocate to new year’s eve fireworks on the outskirts of the city, goes me too far,” said the managing Director of the German Association of cities, Helmut Dedy, the “Handelsblatt”. So you take many people the joy of responsibly managed fireworks.