A group of snorkeling, grandma’s got a colony of venomous snakes are found in Many of the lime zest. While the researchers thought that they were just barely avoided. Are the women scientists and the local ecosystem will be easier to understand.

A group of grandmothers on the French island of New Caledonia, west of Australia, is a week of snorkeling, it has a very special colony of the snakes has been discovered. The women’s swimming, five days a week, for nearly three miles, and there’s poisonous snakes. Up to now, the thought of researchers is that there is seldom occurred, because, in the last 15 years, only six reports had been received. However, the snorkeling of women have now that prove otherwise.

It all started when the Australian researcher, Claire Goiran and the snakes have a better wanted to have a look. “The focus was on the most popular bay and the Gardens, so I often meet people when I have research to do. When I went to the snakes and have been searching for, I talked to regularly with a friend who snorkelde. They took pictures of the hoses, and also e-mailed them to me. She then asked a friend to help you. This friend asked to another friend and all of a sudden, there were seven grandmothers who have helped me.” The group has referred to himself as ” the great grandma’s and all of them are between 60 and 75 years of age. As for the women in the photos sent, said the researchers, is that the size of the population, which is heavily underestimated by the had. According to their findings, there would be approximately 250 of the hoses in the bay to live.