Why you should put aluminum foil in your freezer


Keep warm, protect from the cold… Aluminum foil has many uses in the kitchen. You use it every day, sometimes even without paying attention to it, both to heat certain foods and to keep them longer. If it is useful, this gray roll can also be replaced by airtight boxes, which will create less waste and will therefore be better for the planet.

Like any product that comes into contact with your food, aluminum foil must be used in accordance with certain rules. It’s easy to make mistakes with scrolling your sheet, sometimes even without doing it on purpose. Here are the most common misuses.

If it is good to limit its use of aluminum foil for ecological reasons, it must also be done so as not to make mistakes with it. On the other hand, it is possible to use it elsewhere than in the kitchen, especially in the bathroom. These smooth and shiny sheets have many advantages for your laundry, which you can discover in the slideshow above.