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for the benefit of the doubt, Tarek L. (65), for the assisenhof in Brussels, the discharge is delivered. He was, however, indicted, in september 2009, Denis Debouvrie (74), the king of rue des bouchers), the throat, and have you’re. “However, if the research has been carried out, then there were more false accusations against the bank. Its role, therefore, is not fixed, according to the public prosecutor’s office.

the DNA is not an absolute gun at someone in contempt. That will take place on Thursday at the Brussels-based assisenhof re-emerged. The genetic imprint of Tarek, L., was indeed found on a the pants on Debouvrie, a bottle of whiskey and a bottle opener in the apartment of the victim. However, DNA is not a date. It is, therefore, not be concluded that the DNA of the person who is in a fatal night in september 2009, it was left behind when the Debouvrie, which is a variety of restaurants, in and around the Brussels-rue des bouchers, in his office above one of these establishments, robbed, and killed. It could also be used to be done. As the two men met with each other regularly, Tarek, as the manager of a restaurant, Debouvrie as its owner.

past-due rent.

Tarek L. for his involvement in the brutal death of his landlord, have always been denied. As is the fact that, even after the fact, to his native Tunisia would have fled to the courts to get away. He was disappointed with shell’s argument that he was Debouvrie would be killed because of him, the heat of the seemed to be put in relation to the payment of the arrears of rent for the restaurant, and Debrouvie that Tarek ran. “We had to make a financial agreement is reached, and then that issue is off the table”, said the person.

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The public prosecutor’s office was in the process of not for man to be dealt with. “Because a lot of the elements point out that there are more people with the facts are concerned, may have been out,” sneered the lawyer-general, Jean-Francois Godbille. “Well, it turns out to not be the case.” The prosecutor’s office was not happy to be a part of the investigations, which he ordered, had the officers simply had not been carried out. A second potential suspect escaped from the dance. Thus, the public prosecutor’s office could not determine what the exact role was that of Tarek, L., in the past, which Denis Debouvrie the living cost.

then There arose, therefore, in doubt. And any doubt must be in favour of the accused has the right to play, ” says the law. So, that’s when it happened.
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