Hoegaarden –

A group of nine and ten last Thursday, the flight will be taken out of a truck in a Hoegaarden, as confirmed by the police Getevallei. May be going to illegal immigrants.

the truck came in Thursday morning with a cargo unloading in an industrial area on the Bleyveldstraat in Hoegaarden. At the opening of the door was the truck driver is suddenly faced with a bunch of strangers. “Nine or ten persons are immediately taken,” the police force of the zone Getevallei. We were soon on the spot, and have a search, but to no avail. We don’t have a single person to be found.”

now, as The strangers walked down the road in the direction of the nearby motorway E40. The police suspect that the fugitives, but a definite answer on that yet. The truck driver and the transport company were being examined, but so far, no one suspicious seen or apprehended. The name of the company was not disclosed.