Schweinsteiger about the movie role – “I’m not born as an actor,”The career of Bastian Schweinsteiger has been filmed a number of football-sizes get a word in. Such as Uli Hoeness, the a very special Moment connects with the protagonist.0 comment Bastian Schweinsteiger is in the documentary “Schw31ns7eiger: Memories – From the beginning to the legend” once again in the spotlight, as here, during his farewell game in Munich in 2018. Photo: Keystone

It’s about memories and emotions. Football Fans can look forward to a documentary about the career of Bastian Schweinsteiger. “Schw31ns7eiger: Memories – From the beginning to the legend” is the title, in which the Numbers of Schweinsteiger’s Jersey numbers are included. With of 31, he ran for FC Bayern in the national team, it was the 7.

Bastian Schweinsteiger is one of the most successful German footballers is. The longtime Star of FC Bayern Munich, was the 2014 world champion, in 2013 he won the Champions League. In the past year, the 35 finished-Year-old as a player of Chicago Fire, his career. He is married to the former Tennis Star Ana Ivanovic. The Couple has two sons.

Hoeness’ special Moment with Schweinsteiger

“there are several, but I think my favorite memory is winning the 2014 world Cup, it was an incredible feeling, I think back to it,” said Schweinsteiger, the German press Agency. During his greatest triumph, the former Bayern players thought of Uli Hoeness, who was jailed at that time: Schweinsteiger Interview words of thanks to the Bayern-makers, what impressed these very sent in a TV. The former Bayern President says in the Film: “Because it has carved me from the bed to get out because it’s one of my most impressive experiences was that I have ever had.”

The Til Schweiger Film produced is from 5. To see June in the Video-streaming service, Amazon Prime Video. In this Interview, speaks to Schweinsteiger about his plans for the future, its connection to Schweiger and whether there is a future in front of the camera.

The Film is called “Memories – from the beginning to the legend”. What it solves in a if you live all of the memories of the movie again?

memories have always been important to me. They trigger big emotions in me, and I remember back to my past. As a player, I was reminded again and again of past events, from which I could draw a lot of power.

What is your favorite memory when you look back?

there are several, but I think my favorite memory is winning the 2014 world Cup, it was an incredible feeling, I think back to it.

2014 wins Bastian Schweinsteiger (centre) with the German national team to the world Cup in Brazil.Photo: KeystoneWas connects you with Til Schweiger?

We are good friends. And if someone can produce a movie about me, it is Til. He is a great producer.

It means that you do not want to have a tears Situation at the end of so much in the movie. What has disturbed you and why the very moving scene is shown?

My privacy is very important to me. For me it is not let to easily a camera close to me and my family. As I have shown, for example, at my farewell in Orlando in the cabin of the emotions, it was difficult for me. I think no one considers himself to cry. I then wrote with Til back and forth. He has convinced me that this is one of them. And: The result is really good.

Uli Hoeness has said in 2003, after celebrating a goal with a hair band, to play football and not an actor to be. Now you are like Hoeness in a documentary film. What other film you can think of roles?

George Clooney is my role model (laughs). No, Seriously, I think I’m not born as an actor and the film documentation.

“is Exactly the goal we have pursued with the documentary was.”

What are your plans for less than a year after the end of career?

I enjoy time with my family, and in addition, I am passionate about at the moment for my new role as ARD-Sport-expert.

In the Film, tells your wife what was the first record that you have been taught in English (“no, thank you, I’m happy in love”). There was a special Situation?

no, I only wanted to prepare you on such a Situation (laughs).

Of whom there were the most impressive Feedback from the companions, appearing in the Film and how it was?

Jogi Löw has said about the film documentary the following: “madness, goosebumps, Chapeau! The Film shows Basti the same as he is.” I am of course pleased to hear that. Exactly that was the goal that we have pursued with the documentary.

The Coexistence of a footballer in the Film, one thinks, in view of the Coronavirus pandemic, almost wistfully at longer times. What do you think about mind games?

For the players, of course it is not easy to be without audience in the stadium. But I am very glad that it goes on and you can watch the games on TV.

How are you currently pursuing the FC Bayern and what they are to trust him in this season?

I’m watching every game and am looking forward to follow up to talk about it at the ARD. I think this year Bayern has a great potential a lot of to.


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