Heinz Karrer in the Interview – “A massive wave of bankruptcies is coming to Switzerland”, The economic crisis was at its beginning, says the Economiesuisse President. Now the state should abandon in favor of the company on taxes.Luca De Carli, Dominik Feusi45 Kommentare45″The Virus and its economic consequences will be with us for a long time,” said Heinz Karrer, President of Economiesuisse.Photo: Franziska Roth Buehler

Almost all of the Corona-bans to be lifted. The Federal Council announced a “new normal”. The economy, already by normal conditions?

we are very far away. The Virus and the economic consequences will be with us for a long time.

The economic crisis before us so?

you Look at the Numbers: 40 percent of workers work in Short. The Federal government will borrow heavily. And in Switzerland, a massive wave of bankruptcies and unemployment, as we have since the Second world war is no longer seen.

How do you rate the strategy of the Federal Council against the economic crisis?

The Federal Council has the right and the ratio of traded moderately. That was necessary. In the loose he could have, in our opinion, the earlier the stores and on the protection concepts of the industries set to open. I believe that Switzerland has in the short term are very much correct. Now is the time to ensure how we can quickly come out of the crisis.

your Association today presented an 8-point Plan. The claims, however, are well-known: deregulation, abolition of customs duties and taxes …

The success factors of Switzerland in a crisis, the same. That’s why these are as a frame of orientation is so important. With a wise economic policy, we can have a strong influence on how severe the crisis is.

What do you think of first?

For example, the industrial tariffs. The discussion is not new, I know. But it is not now in crisis especially important for these duties to be abolished to reduce the burden on the manufacturing industry? The welfare gain is certainly greater than any loss of Revenue to the Federal.

you will also require the waiver of the Stamp duty. How come you want to, of all things, in the crisis of the state money to escape?

We believe that both proposals are to be tested. All available studies show that in a difficult economic Situation, relief well-targeted, in contrast to tax increases.

The employee plan in your crisis. Not now would be the time that the Economiesuisse President appeals to the social responsibility of the company?

Our proposals the main goal is that jobs and businesses can be obtained. The workers are therefore at the heart of our claims.

is The economy at the Moment billion from the state. Because the company should not only right to lay-offs.

Each company must take its social responsibility in its own way, because each one is different. The short-time work has proven itself in the last few years. We are in favour of extending the Instrument. But whether you take it in the claim, it is up to each company yourself.

“The crisis will cause the population to maintain the tried-and-tested way of bilateral agreements with the EU.”

Heinz Karrer

More unemployment will give the limit the initiative of the SVP with the vote in the September boost. Take the in buying?

The Initiative would be a highly risky and dangerous Experiment, especially for the jobs. I’m not convinced that a clear majority want that. The crisis will cause the population to maintain the tried-and-tested way of bilateral agreements with the EU.

where is the money we spend in the crisis?

The Corona-debt is to be separated from the normal Federal budget and over a longer period reduced.

for How long?

Over thirty years. But the decisive point is how we Finance the removal. I see three possibilities. Firstly, In the Budget of the Federal government each year, credit remains remain almost. Secondly, The Federal government has repeatedly achieved extraordinary revenue. And thirdly, the SNB profit distribution.

the Plan is to run up the Minister of Finance of Mason last week in the Bundesrat. Why support his idea?

Because that is the right way. Thus, it is possible to dispense, in spite of the debt reduction interventions in the annual Budget.

is Today financed with the distribution of profit but a part of the expenditure for education, agriculture or the army. Do you want to save for education?

no. Education and research need to be treated because of their great importance for Switzerland is not necessarily a priority. There are other options.

“Sorry, this proposal is of an Economist.”

Heinz Karrer

The national Bank is swimming in money. You could, however, increase the payouts to the Federal government? Even the Director of the economic research unit of ETH calls the.

a Pity, this proposal of an Economist. Unfortunately, there are always well-intentioned ideas of what spending could take over the national Bank, too. But an interference in the independence of the national Bank, would be fatal. This must be able to exclusively dedicate their monetary policy mandate.

you will need to in the above areas, but a massive saving. Where do you want to save?

We will know the end of the year in more detail, how big the crisis is and how it affects the tax revenue of the Federal government. The will to be saved be the time to talk about where and how much. Today, it is still too early.

it is Already clear to us, Corona has made that in the case of many goods, a harmful dependence of the Switzerland of China. Do you agree?

We need to distinguish between supply security and self-sufficiency. The is mixed in the debate often. If we want in the next pandemic medical goods for several months, then we need not necessarily our own production. The supply can also be used with stocks, logistic solutions or a network of suppliers to ensure. We must discuss this. It has worked in Switzerland, in the case of this pandemic in part bad. But I must warn you, in Switzerland, industries, the international competition are capable of.

Economiesuisse remains so, in spite of Corona to be faithful to The state should, if possible, stay slim, and the economy stay out of it. The crisis shows how important a well-developed social network. Especially in comparison with countries such as the United States.

you can’t compare Switzerland with the USA. We have an urgent Rene the distribution of income and wealth, we have a different understanding of the welfare state and a successful partnership between workers and employers. And we are proud of. Economiesuisse is of the opinion that Switzerland should now consider very carefully what the new regulations really make sense.

This means that you are, in retrospect, glad that Switzerland is not pivoted in the 1990s, a neoliberal course, as in the United States of America?

Absolutely. Then we would not stand in the Corona of a crisis as well. There are many experts who predict that Switzerland will come up with the best through this crisis. I hope you are right.

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