Racism in television – the BBC cancels “Little Britain” and episode of “Fawlty Towers”,”The Germans” contains racist insults. Actor John Cleese criticised the people responsible for the decision as “stupid”.16 Kommentare16John Cleese as Basil Fawlty and Ballard Berkely as Major Gowen in “Fawlty Towers”episode “The Germans”.Photo: BBC

The British Streaming provider UKTV has taken an episode of the Comedy series Fawlty Towers from the program. “The Germans”, famous among other things for a scene in which John Cleese as a Basil Fawlty Hitler imitated, goose-stepping through the Hotel’s marches, and the phrase “Don’t mention the war” chants, contained racist insults, wrote the Sender on Twitter. Take the Episode from the program to check you. They wanted to take the time to consider all the options, it means there is more.

What exactly gave the impetus to the step, is still unclear. A spokesman for UKTV, part of the BBC family, initially said that they wanted to comment on any Details. Probably, however, is that it is a conversation between Basil Fawlty and the latent a hotel guest, Major Gowen (Ballard Berkeley) senile. Gowen used during the entertainment, a number of racist expressions, while he tells an anecdote to the West Indies Cricket Team – a team that consists of players from several English-speaking Caribbean Nations.

John Cleese referred to Managers as “stupid”

According to English media, the scene was, in the Major, the expressions Gowen used already last Sunday, from the subsequent cut. Now the entire Episode has been removed. It is one of twelve in the 1970s, produced “Fawlty Towers”episodes. The scene with the German guests is one of the most popular of the series.

John Cleese, a former member of the Comedy group Monty Python, was severely upset about the UKTV removal decision, The Germans. Who does not see that racism will be there criticizes and does not endorse, is simply “stupid”. One of the things he had learned in the past 180 years, that people have very different Humor, so the actor more. Some would understand that to make a man ridiculous, the man creates mischief in the mouth.

Also in Little Britain, and is deleted

The most recent step in a series of similar operations. The American Streaming Portal, HBO, Max had gone with the classic film “The wind” provisionally removed it from the program (the movie took place in the Amazon Charts again). Later, it was announced to show the Film in 1939, with explanations of the racial prejudice and the problematic representation of slavery. “He will be taken up with an explanation of its historical context and in distancing himself from the racist portrayals in the program again”, it said in a Statement on Tuesday.

Also this week, the BBC removed the Comedy series “Little Britain” – produced in the years 2003 to 2006 – from your library. “Times have changed”, it was said to the grounds. The parody of the comedian David Walliams and Matt Lucas had fallen in the Wake of the protests against the violent death of the African-American George Floyd again in the criticism, because the performers act as also black and Asian characters. Also, the series “Come Fly with me” by David Walliams and Matt Lucas has been removed from the program.

In the German-speaking television, the series was broadcast in the synchronization of Oliver Kalkofe and Oliver Welke. Also, the streaming services Netflix and BritBox removed the sketches from her offer in the United Kingdom.

David Walliams and Matt Lucas were in their series often women.Photo: BBC

In the UK, the debate around inclusion and diversity in television is a lot of institutionalized than in the German-speaking countries. So to ensure, for some years, the Initiative by Diamond (Diversity Analysis Monitoring Data) from the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Sky and also production companies in TV series and movies, a more realistic society in the image, so, for example, more lesbian or black characters instead of white hetero characters.


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