It is an object that we use regularly, yet many people still make mistakes with their washing machine. Indeed, the use of this appliance is so rooted in everyday life that bad reflexes have crept into its use.

The maintenance of your washing machine is particularly often neglected by households. However, it is an essential step to extend its life and therefore save money in the long term. However, there are simple and effective tips for cleaning your machine without too much difficulty.

For example, there is a technique that eliminates traces of mold, the proliferation of bacteria, the installation of bad odors or even limescale deposits. To do this, just grab a liter of white vinegar, a versatile cleaning product that can be useful in all rooms of the house.

For this trick, you have to pour the entire liter of vinegar directly into the washing machine. After that, it is necessary to launch a vacuum cycle so that the product takes effect and eliminates all the undesirable elements.

The choice of temperature is important because, if it is too low, the bacteria will not be effectively eradicated, explains Femme Actuelle. Also the ideal cycle would be at 90°C, in this way, all the dirt should disappear. However, be careful not to run the cycle completely, a few minutes should be enough.

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