Delicatessen lovers, you are aware that ham, sausage and other of your favorite products are regularly the victims of product recalls. This Wednesday, June 1, 2022, a homemade parsley ham, marketed since May 21, 2022 in the Boucherie Rivet in Ain, must be returned to the point of sale.

The reason ? Detection of Listeria monocytogenes, causative agent of listeriosis, in meat. If you bought this ham, do not consume it anymore, destroy it or bring it back to the store before Wednesday, June 15, 2022 to obtain a refund.

If you have already consumed the product in question, be alert to certain symptoms likely to develop: fever, headache, body aches… And consult your doctor without reaching if you notice any of these signs, without forgetting to inform him of your consumption. Note that the incubation period can range from a few days to two months.

According to the Institut Pasteur, listeriosis could lead to sepsis or infection of the central nervous system; or premature delivery or serious neonatal infection in the pregnant woman.

The newborn could also present “a severe infection, often aggravated by prematurity, which can combine sepsis, pulmonary, neurological and sometimes cutaneous infection”, specifies the Institute. If this disease remains rare, with 5 to 6 cases per million people, it is “fatal in 30 to 40% of cases occurring outside pregnancy”.