Taxes 2022: the calendar for the month of September to know


Back to school is fast approaching… And even if the school benches are a distant memory for you, the period still means that it is time to find a little seriousness after the summer holidays. Back to work, deadlines and bills to pay: the calendar for the month of September will obviously not be easy.

Especially since this year, households in France have to deal with growing inflation, threatening their wallets a little more every day.

With purchasing power at half mast, more and more French people are paying extra attention to their budget. In terms of taxation, it is also wise to always keep an eye on important dates. Withdrawals, reimbursements, modifications… In our slideshow, discover everything that awaits you on the tax side in September.

Good news could however come to put a little butter in the spinach of certain households. Indeed, the law on amending finances, also called purchasing power law 2, voted last July by Parliament, provides for the abolition of the contribution to public broadcasting, also called “TV royalty”.

For some taxpayers, this tax is monthly, and collected together with the housing tax.

But for others, who have chosen the annual direct debit, a refund is expected in September. 23 million households will therefore have to receive a transfer of 138 euros during the month. For the others, you will have to wait a little longer…