Wevelgem –

A 36-year-old woman was on Tuesday killed in an apartment in Wevelgem. Her ex-boyfriend, Ridouan, O. (39) turned himself in. Curiously, only five months ago, the same streets rocked by another deadly incident. And then it came, an agent of a crazy man to come up to him, attacked it with a screw driver. The neighborhood is stunned.

The woman was probably Tuesday morning he died at the home of her mother, and the Nachtegaalstraat, in Wevelgem. She was there, hiding, because of the presumed culprit have been some of the months are threatened. The couple had eleven years together, and have lived in Heule. But this past summer they went out together. Since that time, the woman is regularly sexually harassed by her ex-boyfriend. A couple of times, he was even to the door with a large knife. Every time she called the police and he was arrested. “Two hours later, he was back outside, and we have always feared that it would end up,” says her brother-in-law.

“There have been incidents of intrafamiliaal violence, and he was also well-known because of its drug problem,” say the witnesses.

In the context of this research, conducted as police and public prosecutor on Tuesday to do research in a parked car in a parking lot near the E17 motorway.

on Wednesday appears to Ridouan O. before the magistrate that, to him, is likely to continue for the murder.

Five months ago, a deadly incident

it is Notable that the same road four months ago, was shocked by a fatal incident. When opened, an agent with the fire of a crazed man who would have ordered it to attack it with a screwdriver. The man was on the spot, still resuscitated, but survived the shooting incident did not.

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