The barbecue is the best way to enjoy the beautiful summer weather with friends. Outdoors, with a cold glass in hand, it is a symbol of conviviality and indulgence. Cooking your food on the barbecue gives it an inimitable grilled flavor, far from traditional cooking in the oven or in the pan. In fact, cooking on the barbecue helps to retain the humidity inside the food and thus preserve its flavor.

But, good grilling is worth it! The moment of lighting the barbecue is never a cakewalk. Too much wind, charcoal that does not take, not enough embers, the need to constantly fan it… Do you know the best solution for lighting a barbecue quickly and safely?

To make lighting the barbecue no longer a chore, use firelighter cubes. The firelighters allow you to quickly ignite any wood or coal, even wet ones. Saving time and considerable simplicity, firelighters save barbecue enthusiasts from using newspaper, which is often slow to ignite coal or wood.

In addition, the use of firelighters is less dangerous. Because, it becomes unnecessary to use gasoline or a flammable liquid to light a wood barbecue. This way, you avoid burning yourself or flashbacks when you pour the liquid.

Finally, firelighters are a more ecological solution. Indeed, there are natural recipes to make them yourself (based on wood chips for example). In addition, organic firelighters sold on the market are balls of natural fibers that leave no chemical tastes or odors. So many reasons to choose to light up your barbecue this summer with fire starters!