With four kids and three parents, were injured in head-on collision in Countryside


Waregem, belgium –

if you are in a serious head-on collision with two cars in the Countryside fell on Saturday night, seven wounded persons. The four of them were children between the ages of five and ten years of age.

The blow incident occurred at 18: 00 hours on the dual carriageway from the Countryside to the Wielsbeke. On the bridge above the River a week, perhaps, one of the members of the lane along the full white line. The other driver from the opposite direction came and I could not turn it on. It came to a violent head-on collision, involving a total of seven injured.

In one cart sat a couple and their two children, in the other hand, as a mother of two children. All of them were taken to a hospital. The victims were not in life-threatening danger, but due to the heavy human toll is sent to the public prosecutor’s office however, is a verkeersdeskundige on-the-spot. The Expressway was the result of more than three hours to shut down. At around 20: 30 hours allowed for the vehicle to be hoisted, and came out of the fire many of the debris clean-up.
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