While she was given for dead, a woman reappears, dazed, in a small restaurant-bar in Saint-Hubert, to announce terrible omens. “This is all going to end eventually,” she warns.

And the gears set inexorably in motion, crushing its victims mercilessly around the world, with eviscerations, mutilations, hangings and other barbaric acts… blood flows and the threat continues to echo on the walls: pray, your turn will come. What macabre thread connects all these horror sketches? And who is this mysterious art dealer, Peter Castevet, who is sweating the macabre curse?

The love of director and animator Sébastien Diaz (also co-creator of the web series Terror 404 broadcast on Tou.tv) for horror and gore is clearly reflected throughout the pages of this first novel, and several scenes will undoubtedly disturb more than a digestion. Where the shoe pinches is in the succession of recurring commonplaces of the genre, bordering on pastiche: first name of future victim whispered by a hoarse voice, messages on the walls in letters of blood, television which crackles at the dramatic moment, for mention only these…

That said, trash lovers driven by the desire for a grimace of disgust or a dose of strong sensation, and ready to forgive a few clichés, could perhaps find their way.