in the Chaos, in the Limburg derby between STVV and Genk, belgium. The STVV fans of the verkroppen that Genk is in a triple-a lead came in and bekogelden Genk goalkeeper Gaëtan Coucke, with all kinds of things. The lighter and the glasses flew up to him, in both the 0 to 2, and after 0 to 3 in left and right, the ref, Lawrence Visser, explained to the party a quarter of an hour still. After the break he made to STVV in the lag box. After the 3-3 threatened the Genk fans are, however, out of their closed box, and to break down, and then a Fisherman’s party is finally resolved.

as For the rest: Theo Bongonda, the score is opened to indicate the Ianis Hagi, recently, after a rest, continued on the same Hagi Genk) on a 0 to 2. Since the dot is doubled to the A’s the lead. Much to the meaning of the thuisaanhang, who beat the keeper Coucke bekogelden with cigarette lighters, water bottles and cups of beer. A fisherman called upon the two captains, the players and STVV were asked their fans to behave.

But after an 0 and 3, again with a penalty kick goal by Hagi, it was wrong again. This was followed by a new rain of objects in the r-rated from Coucke. Fisherman, did not waste any time and sent them all to the inside. After a fifteen minute break, the match resumed but not before the Fisherman to give it to everyone else pointed out: if new acts of misconduct would be where the match was irrevocably blown off it. STVV-year-old Brys had been once again going to try to thuisfans to be calm, to be over.

(read on below the photos and video.

Immediately after the break is made, STVV with a bit of luck, the 1-3. In a corner, but ended up using two of the Genk players, and over the crossbar to the feet of a Boli, which is a simple binnentikte. Ten minutes before the time, Pol Garcia, there are even 2-3 of them. Stayen time for the Canaries to move forward and be in the minute 87, made a free-standing Boli, the inevitable 3-3. It was the signal for the Genk-fans to express their displeasure to be expressed. Rather, the glass cage, which is now around the box for obvious damage. After the 3-3 at risk for the Genk-fans and even to think, that an imposing force for the box, and went to stand up. The Visser waited a moment, and dropped finally to the match.


What the consequences will be, remains to be determined. But, in the past, the incidents, the Pro-League in 2017, however, the new rule is good. It shows that, in the event that both supporterclans at the base of the abandoned match, both of the home team as the visiting club, in this case, two points are lost. There is also an additional section on one or more occasions will be deducted, depending on the zwaarwichtigheid of the facts. In any case, the game minute-by-minute to 1 herspeeld to be.

COMMENTS. The Winner of the, “Well, everywhere, the cages move?”

STVV chairman and David Meekers said after the match, the camera, and Play Sports to help. “The heart rate is still going up. We will come out 0-3, the match is stopped, it becomes 3-3, and then the police will be on the field. However, anti-climactic, because it was a great experience. The match was stopped, it was a decision made by the police, and that the safety and security of fans and players will not be able to guarantee it. The referee had no other choice. Or, 3-3 the final score will be? The report will be drawn up, and we’ll see what the result is going to be. I’m going over there now to make any statements about it, but I would suggest, however, that the peculiarities which have led to the police station, have taken place in the visiting area. However, the report will play a major role. That is, we first break to come back? I don’t know whether that is the determining factor. We were already ahead of the soccer match, and the match was stopped for a corner kick for the us. And that comes after the break is within. We will have no way of knowing whether we were to come back.” The suggestion is that the two teams might not have the points, were found Meekers, but nothing. “That would be the two teams don’t deserve it. It was a great experience. The battle for the truth, and there will be a later, and much to do.”

Also, He is The Winner of it gave his frank opinion. “As a disappointment. The cage was on the wrong side of it, I think they might be better, a cage is placed around the fans,” said the Genk’s Technical Director. “That will break us out of our rhythm, which is not to say that you have three goals to tackle. However, they have been here for a quarter of an hour done, I want to be understanding to our clients. However, I have no respect for the kooienverhaal, as you can see, they are on the other side of things, to be our keeper to throw in. I think that’s unfortunate for our fans and for our club. The procedure is very wedstrijdbepalend have been. I was told at the interruption, yet I was hoping that the ball did not enter, because then they would have the confidence to get out of the crowd behind the stand. It’s a shame that they are that action will be rewarded. We were dealt with for the firework display. That was okay, so I’m not that good. But it is sad that it is now, on the other hand, has happened, and that we are victims of it. I think it’s even worse that our fans are today mensonwaardig been dealt with. You don’t need anyone to punish for the actions of a few. It’s no fun.”

STVV-year-old Marc Brys replied upset about it when he was told to do, or the interruption, STVV in the map is played. “What is it now, if you have any questions? Where alludeer for you? We talked during the interruption, and that we need more focus should have been sharper had to play in it.”