The calendar does not yet indicate the summer that France must again face a heat wave, this time, scorching.

Since Tuesday, several departments have been placed on orange alert by La Chaîne Météo. In the South-West, in particular, we are expecting up to 40°C in the shade this week.

The heat wave threshold is reached, according to meteorologists, when the following three conditions are met:

This week, there is no doubt that many departments will exceed these thresholds. And sometimes, the high heat should even last well over three days.

According to the latest forecasts, 35 departments should be very hot until at least Sunday. Discover in our slideshow what it is, and what awaits you until the end of the weekend*.

In the event of a heat wave, the authorities are on alert, because the high temperatures can be fatal for fragile people. As a general rule, and even if your health is iron, Santé Publique France recommends taking the following precautions during periods of heat wave:

* According to the Weather Channel bulletin on 06/14/2022 at 12 p.m.