The pension reform presented by the executive does not appeal to the French. Worse still, it arouses massive rejection on the part of working people, who fear that their quality of life will deteriorate a little more. For many, this reform sounds like the annihilation of any period of rest and, above all, the prospect of significant precariousness with the increase in the contribution period. In this calculation of the quarters to be obtained, Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labour, recently raised the hypothesis of an easier redemption of quarters. Our explanations on this important question.

The redemption of quarters allows you to validate periods during which you have not contributed. If you have experienced several times during your career when your contribution was not sufficient, you can buy back terms to complete your career. However, the deadline for filing your request depends on the nature of the period bought back. Your redemption can be made for the rate or for the duration of the insurance.

For example, for an activity carried out in France, you can buy back quarters in different contexts. If you belonged to a professional category affiliated belatedly to the general social security scheme, if you performed penal labor before 1 January 1977 or if you voluntarily carried out a third party function for a member of your family , you can redeem contributions.

During his hearing by the Social Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt showed himself in favor of a simplified redemption of quarters. As Capital reports, he said he was “very keen on progress on the terms that allow these quarters”. In this way, French applicants could thus retire earlier, with a better pension.

Among the situations concerned, that of internships done during studies would have the ability to provide additional terms at the time of retirement. For the moment, a device makes it possible to validate, for the same year, one or two terms maximum after an internship. However, specific conditions must be met, in particular that of having been hired on an internship for at least two months and having obtained a bonus for it.

In the case of higher education, the redemption of terms will also be facilitated. The Minister of Labor thus spoke of changes to “slightly identical parameters”. In his words, this prospect will help “those who have the possibility […] at a time when it remains advantageous”. Indeed, as Olivier Dussopt then repeats “the more time passes, the more expensive these quarters are to buy back”.

At present, it is possible to redeem terms in the event of higher education “accomplished in an establishment of higher education, a higher technical school, a Grande Ecole or a preparatory class for these schools”. However, these periods of study must have resulted in the award of a French diploma.