A 52-year-old woman was recently by a police officer to be shot in the subways of Los Angeles and it was a beautiful aria, brought to. The video of the angels singing immediately went to work in the world, but the identity of the woman is continued to be shrouded in a veil of mystery. To friends know, and it’s a poignant story of the lady, and to the outside of the church today. Now, the lady, that she’s once again on top of by all the media attention they are getting.

The woman called Emily, Zamourka, and, in a previous life, the violin and the piano. The Russian woman moved in 24 years ago to the United States of america, but they did it wrong. Zamourka was sick, and it was a bit difficult to get the tightly wound hospital expenses and to pay for it. They took away a lot of jobs, but it was in the end not to the other nodes.

Three years ago, came the final blow: in her very expensive violin was stolen when she’s a bit of money trying to make a living as straatmuzikante. “My violin, it was my income,” he said to the woman was recently in the Us media. “It is an instrument meant the world to me.”

After the robbery was Zamourka her rent, unable to pay, and ended up on the streets. Now she sleeps in a cardboard box in a parking lot. “There are people out there that will take pity on me, but I do not want to be a burden” is what it sounds like. So, you can now take them to her house, and keep them in plastic bags, as they are of Los Angeles is wandering.

of the 4 million homeless persons

Zamourka finally began to sing in the subway because “it’s a great sound”, even though they are not actually a professional singer. With her beautiful song, she took it to the attention of an agent, that is, the images to Facebook for sharing. “Sometimes you have to stop and listen to one of the 4 million homeless persons in los angeles, to create something great, to hear it,” he wrote in the video’s.

The pictures were soon a life of its own, which makes her story on world news. Zamourka is hoping that the attention they are getting, it will help you to make the thread of her life again, to pick up on. “I would be so greatful if someone called me from the street and has a private little spot to get, where I can use my instrument with me.”

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