In a few years, the Leboncoin site has established itself as the reference for sales between individuals in France. With no less than 27 million online classified ads, Leboncoin garners around 29 million unique visitors each month.

And more and more French people no longer hesitate to offer various goods and services on the platform.

But even if you apply yourself to posting the best ad possible, it may simply disappear. In most cases, it was probably deleted because it does not respect the following points.

Leboncoin specifies that the content of your advertisement must respect the following rules:

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“You cannot place the same ad more than once on the site. Indeed, each ad must have a unique title, description and photos” specifies the boncoin site.

This is because photos that accompany your ads should not include the following:

You also do not have the right to reuse the same photo as on another of your ads.