In the EuroMillions League Kangaroos in Mechelen with a 71-59 win of the component, which only the Belgians to play with.

The game started with an hour delay because of a broken right at the end of the Wallabies Players. Hatch missed his four foreign nationals, because it is under legal protection and, hence, the three Americans and one Serb, an administrative, not up. Kangaroos took advantage, however, is not, and it was almost a complete match to start chasing. For a complete Belgian Liege dominated against a weak Wallabies. The red cross withdrew after a loss of concentration by the people of liège was great with a 35-31 bonus.

the Kangaroo, however, forth are sterile out of the dressing room and the club, “the glowing City” has benefited the most is a wonderful substitute. François L Hoêst and Brieuc Lemaire boosted Hatch, with the assistance of One Kohadja, therefore, 43-52. Up to 54-57 continued to be section of the pipe. In the final bit of the Walloon team sense take your breath away. The Dutchman’s Jito Kok (13 points, 10 rebounds) had the support of the likewise, with a double-double, running Shavon Coleman (19 points, 12 rebounds). In the 58-57 took the Wallabies to the initiative. Belgian Terry Deroover, who is also former Aspect, it led in the final by a few bombs, Kangaroos, Mechelen is still on the profit or loss.

Roo, Mechelen, Liège and 71-59

Quartz: 12-18, 23-13, 8-21, 28-7

the Man of the Match: Terry Deroover 17 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists.

now, Roo’s, Mechelen: (26 of 65 shots, including 7 of 25 triples, and 12 to 16 vrijworpen and 15 errors). LAISISI 0-0, COOKING, 4-9, SIMMONS (0-4, CLARK, 4-3, COLEMAN 15-4, Deroover 5-12, Kinney 2-0, Bogaerts 2-0, Fletcher, 3 or 4).

in A day (22 of 52 shots, including 4 of 17 triples, 11 out of 17 vrijworpen 20 errors, LEMAIRE, 8-6 , LAMBERMONT (0 TO 4, KOHADJA 6 TO 8, IAROCHEVITCH 10-5, BAPTISTA 0-0, Nzisabira 5-2, Meunier, 0-0, The Hoêst 2-3).