bulgaria’s graduate student, Andrea, Emilova Ivanova (22), we have one purpose in life: to have the biggest lips in the world. In order to achieve this, she has been fifteen, the cosmetic surgery treatment.

you can say that Andrea is a suit and be happier with themselves because of her new look. “I love you now, more and more of my lips than that before,” she said. “And I don’t feel very well and happy. My larger lips, I can see it better, and in my country it is now in fashion.”

the Different types of lipfillers, and several of the clinics passed in the last days of the review. “The money for these procedures I have not added to each other. I don’t know exactly how much I’m already on my lips, and to have been issued. One milliliter of hyaluronic acid cost of 300 Bulgarian lev, translated to about 153 euros.”

“Only my opinion counts”:

in The twenties, through social media, both positive and negative reactions. Also, she received several huwelijksaanzoeken.

Her selfies have now been well for more than 157.000 followers. “In the opinion of others is of no consequence. Only mine counts.”

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