In Iowa, and Waterloo, they know Eli Iserbyt in the meantime, be well. The belgian won the first two Wereldbekermanches of the veldritseizoen. In a fairly impressive manner, and especially in Waterloo. He overcame the mud and troefde, once again, to Show one more Year off. “It’s hard to believe,” said the West-Flanders at the end.

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“I thought it was a specific time that it is the best thing about it was,” said Iserbyt. “My brother called out that the Show is very deep, it had to go. I have my own pace, ridden and came out all the time. I knew then that I was on it, and it needed to be done. The plan was to be in the final two rounds to speed things up. I was not, à block, and he knew that in the end it will always be strong. But then, I’m pretty easy to 20 seconds, picked up, and she saw that he was on the bridge, and à is a block sitting there, I knew that I was there.”

“All is for the best, now we know. I have made a couple of mistakes, so it could be even better. However, I am still extremely happy with it. A lot of risks. However, my bike was all over the place. It was very difficult to get into a track to keep it off. It was a bit of a tjolen (wander, ed.). as they say. Finally, I have a good one < / I> tjoler , for sure (laughs). However, I was not prepared to deal with the leader in the world Cup, ed.). After last week, it was all to the good.”

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“Where did it goes wrong? I think He was a mistake and it would be easy to fifteen seconds it was”, replied one more Year. “I’m trying, but I guess I was a little bit on my touring’m gone. Since then, I made three big mistakes, of which I have time in seconds and lost. Therefore, drove First to the airport with me. It was too hard for the material. We were here, and not all of it, but two bikes. As a consequence, you will not of each round, to switch to a clean bike.”

“I’ve had a few problems at the cross, but it is not a flat tire. I don’t want to cross. It was in the leg and Eli. However, all in all, quite happy with it. Last year, it was Wout van Aert is also a two time runner-up in the first two world cup races, and it was exciting until the last race. Maybe I’m still on track for the race.”