The tax authorities are demanding over half a billion in tax assessments and penalties from the West-Flemish vloerbekledingsgroep Unilin for a schijnconstructie on its Uniclic system. This is The period of Time and Return. The following week, the treasury and the company in relation to one another in the court of law.

in The case of the company, is known for its Quick-Step flooring, this is going to have a construction through Ireland and Luxembourg for which the royalty is to be payable, at the revolutionary Uniclic ® system. With that system, you can laminate without glue. According to the BBI, it is a question of a schijnconstructie to years of tax evasion to the Uniclic system losses.

Next week, in the case of the BBI, and Unilin will cross swords for the Ghent court of appeal. The most recent consolidated financial statements of Unilin it appears that the West-Flemish group, this year there will be six new belastingclaims of the BBI top of that for the tax years of 2013 through 2018. While Unilin previously, the tax assessments received for the years 2006 to 2012. In total, the taxes and penalties, which are the BBI claims to 547 million euros reported at Unilin.

as Chief executive, Bernard Thiers, it is said to be very confident of a successful outcome of the matter for the company.