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Says Ignacio Camacho in his foreword to this anthology of graphic humor published in ABC between 2014 and 2019, José María Nieto (Valladolid, 1971) succeeded Mingote “with the aplomb of a master.” Also with the emulation of the inveterate habit of the genius born in Sitges find inspiration for his cartoons in the daily reading of ABC. The inspiration for the cartoonist vallisoletano sounds a lot like “a lady very little would be: stay with it to the top ten and many days, most of them, does not appear until twelve or one.” In addition, the wait is eternal, even a point short of agonizing. is “Thinking is all the work; the rest comes when one grabs the pen and will stain the hands of ink” , she says.

His arrival, on June 2, 2013, ABC trace a parallelism inevitable with Mingote six decades before, in particular, on June 19, 1953: in a succession of life cycles, this replaced the mythical Xauradó , as Grandson touched him cover the hole in the joke mingotiano had for many, many readers for a sort of balm of Fierabrás, in definition of Luis Alberto de Cuenca , “with which to attach the edges of the cracks that opened and is open daily in our souls”.

“it Only matters today”

either way, Grandchild is shown, also in this, honest. “It is true that many times it is said: “What would you do here Mingote?” , who like to play chess and asks: “What would you do here Spaski?”. But what is true is that one is fixed more on what the draftsmen of the competition in what did the great teachers who preceded him.

In a newspaper, it only matters today . We like to say, and that we hear, how we worship Xauradó, to Ruano to Camba , but in reality it is postureo (as Mari Pau Domínguez read this kills me)”.

“by The mystery of this job is that you never know when something will be humorous or not”

That today by pressing the make the ups and downs day-to-day a few rats too human , a few of the birds of pico senequista (Camacho dixit) and a few ghosts of vision stoic and vain hopes. “What why the rats, the birds and the ghosts? Would be great to say that by the life, freedom and death, or something of the round, but I would lie. (Lie and Round, notice that all leads to the same thing). There is something of a random, trial-and-error, or capricious in the mood. And is that the most mysterious and fascinating of this work is that, while you draw, you never know when something will be really humorous or not.”

With this intrigue, the Grandson could take the type of editorialist thug. Is not to despise, nor much less, the scope of their work, but it produces “a certain discomfort that identification of a bullet with a real publisher.

I Think that the humor must maintain a point of derision . If the bullet misses the irony, the satirist becomes a preacher of slogans. In the antihumor, in short”.


His motto, sacrosanct is thinking in the reader with a respect for infinity . “Your appreciation is the most valuable asset for which we do newspapers. But there is a difference to the reader who buys every day its daily of the crowd that inhabits the social networks, which reacts loudly in favor or in against of what you see. There are even politicians and journalists who form part of that hype, ja, ja, ja. (“Is that, since the confinement -apology – gives me a laughter with everything except the appearances of Pedro Sanchez”); this noise of the network must not ignore”, he points out, for a lot of that Grandson do well in that element, which, however, judged by the (crude) realism: “social networks, precisely, to eliminate the narrative order of the day. is social networks are a continual present, in addition to an anger continuum and a continuous noise”.

“If the bullet misses the irony, the satirist becomes a preacher chants”

now Let’s look at how a stalwart of the urgency explains the apparent contradiction of endeavored to gather/to perpetuate the best of his work in book form. “Before, I thought that the purpose of the collections was to save those bullets for the expiry of the daily publication, but, in reality, what you want to preserve is that discourse, or narration, or, better said, the dialogue has an accomplice that is created with the time between the author and the reader of the newspaper , made appointments, connotations and repetitions, from one to another bullet. That may be a vain quest, but is there something better than the vain cares?”. Approved. With note.


now to ask if the humor is ideology, and if yours is bias-conservative, something that saddens visibly. “Is that from the confinement -he apologizes – I entristezco with anything, except maybe with the appearances of Pedro Sánchez”. Incontrovertible answer: “In the strict sense, today you can only do humor conservative, because the left has been delivered to the particular identities faced . The message humorous works only as something nice if there is a us with common approaches, of which we can only laugh. Otherwise always going to offend someone”.

You wonder -there’s confidence – with what you want to conclude your rant. “With the allusion to what it means to be award Mingote, of course”. Here goes: “Lord Grandson, what it means to be award Mingote?”. It gets serious, even her eyes were filled with tears. Apology: “Is that from the confinement, I am hypersensitive and I’m thrilled with everything except the appearances of Pedro Sánchez”.