VIDEO. Stéphane Bern and the murderous drone: the other scene that made the buzz on the web


A sequence that is really worth the detour. On August 25, Stéphane Bern was the hero of the fiction For the honor of a son, broadcast on France 3 where he played an Air Force commander leading the investigation into the mysterious death of his son. in Mali. A TV movie that captivated nearly four million curious people in front of their screen.

Since its broadcast, the animator Stéphane Bern does not stop talking about him on social networks. If the fifties has marked the spirits by his acting, a new sequence continues to make the buzz. In this scene where he is confronted with his attacker played by Bruno Debrandt, the latter threatens to throw himself into the void by pointing his gun at his face. But, it’s misunderstanding the hero who seems to have more than one trick up his sleeve…

Or rather in his drone! As he guides his machine remotely and blindly behind his attacker’s back, the hero of the TV movie strikes him with this violent reply. “If you want to kill me, do the dirty work yourself”. Before attacking him from behind with the weapon, fatally knocking him out in the head. A surreal and unusual sequence that amused Internet users, viewed more than a million times on Twitter.

Even before the broadcast of the TV movie, Stéphane Bern was already creating a buzz in a scene where he threatened an individual with his pistol. The gaze closed and threatening, the host of Secrets of history still dared to surprise the public with his character. “When I play, I doubt everything and I’m scared. I work like crazy, much more than to present a show. I’m learning and it makes me feel good”, confided the 50-year-old in the columns of TV Mag for Le Figaro.

If Internet users had fun diverting the cult scene from the TV movie, the actor Stéphane Bern also seems amused by the sequence. “As soon as I have a gun in my hands, everyone makes hot throats on social networks! It makes me smile”, laughed the main concerned with Télé-Loisirs. Here is an anthology of the best reactions on the web below.