The most French of UK-born stars. Before finding fame across the Channel, Jane Birkin lived most of her life in London. During her childhood, she notably had the chance to meet Elizabeth II at the age of 5, as confided on September 12 in Le Parisien.

“The first time was in the lace factory of my grandfather and my uncle. As I was the only girl in the family, it fell on me to present her with a bouquet of flowers,” said she said, adding. “I saw her again during the presentations of the Agatha Christie films in which I played, ‘Murder in the Sun’, ‘Death on the Nile’, and during the centenary of the Entente Cordiale France-England, in 2004”.

Like the British sovereign who died at the age of 96, Jane Birkin is close to her children. The mother of Kate Barry (who passed away in 2013), Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon, was always proud of their respective careers. However, the septuagenarian artist refutes any idea of ​​putting his voice on an album with his two offspring. “It’s not that I wouldn’t like it, but our children were fed up with always being brought back to their parents. It wasn’t a burden, but this constant reference was very heavy”, assured the ex – companion of Serge Gainsbourg to our colleagues.

However, the Franco-British star wants to be close to her six grandchildren, each in their own way. As with Roman de Kermadec (born in 1987), the son of Kate Barry whom she supported after the death of his mother. “His death has changed my life, that of his sisters and his son too”, confided the famous artist for Gala.

As for her daughter Charlotte, she gave him three grandchildren from her relationship with Yvan Attal: Ben (born in 1997), Alice (born in 2002) and Joséphine (born in 2011). Finally, his youngest Lou is the mother of two boys: Marlowe Jack Tiger Mitchell (born in 2002) and Laszlo Keats Miller Manel (born in 2022). A large sibling dear to the heart of the singer and actress.

“I feel good with small children,” she told Psychology magazine. “I have no complexes, I have fun, I’m light. We dress in leaves, they say a rock is a whale, and when I see a child sleeping next to me, I don’t blame him. don’t want to keep me company at night”. Here’s what Jane Birkin’s six grandchildren look like today in our slideshow.