After the discovery of a girl’s corpse in a Cologne refugee accommodation, the office of the public Prosecutor holds the mother of the two year olds for a suspect. The autopsy revealed, according to the investigators, the girl died of massive head injuries.

There is, however, evidence to suggest that the woman might have acted to the time of the crime due to a mental illness makes them incompetent, said Cologne’s head Prosecutor Ulrich Bremer on Tuesday. You have requested therefore, for the time being in a psychiatric hospital. On the application, it should be on Tuesday decided.

The dead girl had been found on Monday by rescuers in an urban accommodation. According to police, the mother herself had given the note on the corpse, after the 30-year-old woman was confused in front of the apartment of the father of the girl has been in the Cologne district of Mülheim encountered. Both parents are reported to be from Nigeria. Initially, both were taken care of in a clinic and heard.