“Perhaps, and I’m just throwing it out there — the best thing to prove that your movement isn’t a threat, women, is to quit stalking, harassing, and threatening us,” said Harry Potter author.

J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter, slammed transgender people Monday for posting her home address on social networks.

Friday night was Transgender Day of Remembrance. On Friday night, Holly Stars, Georgia Frost, and Richard Energy, a comedian, staged a protest in front of Rowling’s house near Edinburgh, Scotland.

Rowling blasted the trio on Twitter for “doxxing” her after they posted a now-delete photo on social media with Rowling’s address in the background. The term “doxxing” refers to the publishing of private information without permission from another person online.

She added, “Perhaps, and I’m just throwing it out there, the best way for women to prove your movement doesn’t pose a threat is to stop stalking and harassing us.”

Stars claimed that she posted the photo in a tweet now deleted, but that she had deleted it after being threatened online.

Stars wrote, “While we stand behind the photo, we have received an overwhelming number of serious and threatening messages transphobic since posting it so we have decided to take it down.” “Love to our trans brothers and sisters.”

This latest conflict between trans activists, and Harry Potter author is just the latest. Rowling’s controversial views regarding the trans community have been criticised over the years. Some call Rowling transphobic.

Rowling supported Maya Forstater in 2019, a British tax specialist, when she tweeted her support. Rowling was then criticised for her many tweets which were widely viewed as having transphobic views.

In a blog post of nearly 4,000 words, she doubled down her views last year. She asked if social media had contributed to the increase in transgender youth coming out.

The author revealed in her blog that she was a victim of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

“So trans women should be safe. However, I don’t want to make natal women and girls less safe. If you allow any man to use the bathroom or change room, regardless of gender, without the need to have surgery or hormones, then it is open to all men. She wrote that this is the truth.

Rowling’s views on the trans community have led many to label her as a “TERF,” which stands for transgender-exclusionary radical feminist. She defended transgender women on Monday again.

“None of these women is protected in the same way as I am. She wrote that their families and friends have been placed in fear and distress because they refuse to accept the socio-political idea of gender identity as a replacement for sex.

“Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe reacted to Rowling’s last year personal essay in which he declared that “transgender females are women.”

“Any statement contrary to this erases the dignity and identity of transgender persons and goes against all advice provided by professional health care organizations who have far greater expertise on the subject matter than either Jo nor I,” he wrote. He was referring to Rowling’s nickname.

Cast members from eight Harry Potter films, including Radcliffe’s, announced last week that they would reunite to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film.

Rowling will not be appearing in the reunion special but will appear in archival footage.