An Iranian internetberoemdheid which is known for its spooky appearance, and the many, many, aesthetic surgery is under arrest for “blasphemy”.

Sahar Tabar (22), it is a well-known Instagram, the star, which is arranged to take pictures of themselves on the social network’s for sale. In 2017, she went out once more, and when the various media, that they had more than 50 cosmetic treatment had been “to make as much as possible, to Hollywood star Angelina Jolie to look like. It is a story that they will later in the story. “It’s all the Photoshop and make-up. I think that’s just for fun, it’s my form of self-expression, a kind of art. My followers also know that this is not my true face” was for the time being.

in a Recent set Tabar images online, where they had been put up as a scary version of the Network. Photos of some of the people apparently at the chest filled, as the public prosecutor’s office received, in his own words, “different food”, and has opened an investigation. Tabar, which was then the Iranian authorities have been identified as Fatemeh K, and is now being accused of inciting violence, the ruin of youth, blasphemy, insulting islam, and spreading hatred.

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