The pilotenvakbond by the American carrier Southwest Airlines has filed a lawsuit launched against Boeing. The Us aircraft manufacturer, the trade union and the pilots “intentionally misled” about the 737 MAX, what it sounds like. The vliegtuigmodel is already months and months around the world to the ground, and, after two fatal crashes. The trade union demands a minimum of 115 million dollars (105 million euros) in damages.

According to the union, Boeing’s redesigned as an aircraft, become aware of quickly on the market, only to have the market share and the profit at this level. What’s more, the aircraft manufacturer, the pilots of the 737 MAX are not much different from the 737’s they have been flying, but it turned out not to be true, says the union, SWAPA (Southwest Airlines Pilots Association.

“Boeing has a good practice in the design and engineering of casting roll has failed to disclose to regulators that it is vital for the security and awareness of customers, the pilots and the public is being misled about the actual scope of the ontwerpaanpassingen” according to a press release.

The union represents nearly 10,000 pilots of Southwest Airlines. The company is the largest user of the Boeing MAX 737. The terms of compensation for damages should include the loss of income for the pilots to cover. It is to be paid for the flight hours, but the Southwest had been more than 30,000 flights will cancel, since the 737 MAX is on the chain outside. It was set up in march, after two crashes in a few months ‘ time, with a total of 346 people were killed.

“We need to be able to rely on Boeing and veracity of the information sharing that we need to get the plane safely to be able to control it. That is, in the case of the 737 MAX, is absolutely not happened,” said SWAPA president Jonathan Weaks.

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