With an impressive subbing was Kylian Mbappé on Tuesday, the difference for PSG in the Champions League final against Club Brugge. It was only when the French (hint it came out, it quickly went from 0-1 to 0-5, with three goals and an assist for the young striker. However, it has to be in France, was criticised for his reaction after the game. “He is one of the Neymariseren,” says former international Christophe Dugarry.

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Kylian Mbappé began at Bruges, at the bank, in the FOLLOWING, as a coach, Tuchel, his hint even to save some money. The striker was, after all, have only just returned from injury, and it was the weekend before that, only a half-an-hour played. That he was remarkably eager to cover, it was not a coincidence.

“It’s true that I wanted to start it, I just thought that I would be able to start it, but it was the decision of the coach, and you have to accept it. But I just wanted to show you that it is very difficult to get without playing,” was the (?) be self-confident. After that, he always seemed to pick up, “When I was playing with the others really well, and I just wanted to show me my place, and the team is up to you to help them.”

A response that is in the earth, and fell in with the French former international Christophe Dugarry. That was the comment that Mbappé said that he wanted to show that to the team, not to him, is inappropriate.

“That sentence bothers me,” said Dugarry as an analyst at the French RMC Sport. “The rest of the interview is to be perfect, because he’s talking about his team mates and the collective, but that statement put me in a quandary. Maybe it’s because I’m from a different generation because in the today’s football, it seems, collectively, are not the priority anymore, and it is self-thought. But that does not make me uncomfortable. And maybe when I’m a little hard-up for Kylian Mbappé, but that’s what I do because I gave him such a great player and hope it stays that way. I have to say that Mbappé is not a good guy, but he does often make statements that he is primarily thinking of himself.”

And Dugarry, explains the link with all the other famous artists of the FOLLOWING, which will be in paris for a while under a hour, thanks to his star quality. “I think that Mbappé on the Neymariseren is. I would prefer if he hung out with the ’evangelists’ like Gueye, Herrera or Di Maria in place of such a party animal, as Neymar is, because I’m afraid that’s the dream, with the boy on the fragment, it is. I feel as though things are rapidly changing. I don’t want a war of the ego’s: it is up to us to say that you are playing, don’t be selfish.”

as The world champion of 1998 and was immediately countered by his team-mate from the past and is also currently an analyst, Frank Leboeuf: “It’s something different when he was with the decision, more responsibility will. We’re talking about a 20-year-old boy, who is coming back from injury, and with three goals scored. It does seem to start to realize that he was too far gone and it is nonsense to say that it was. He has to be in the right state of mind.”

“Obsession is the Real president”

Which is certainly not a criticism to Mbappé, it is Florentino Perez. According to the Spanish newspaper AS is, with the French striker’s becoming an obsession to become the president of Real Madrid football club. According to the newspaper, bewierookte he Mbappé on Whatsapp to its members: “do you Have a demo of the Mbappe by any chance? This transfer would give the fans a delight, and I’d be the Real a minimum of ten years at the top of them.”

In principle, it is Mbappé is not for sale, however, the relationship between the star player and his coach at PSG, it may be of vital importance for the negotiations. The price tag would reportedly be 300 million euros, or about as much as Zidane in this summer, was allowed to spend the…