“Prices will continue to rise,” said Edouard Leclerc, owner of the famous brand E. Leclerc, recently in the columns of Le Parisien. The entrepreneur did not only mention the prices applied in his stores, on the contrary. Inflation hits the entire chain and therefore also the other supermarkets, to name but a few. A reality that the government understands very well, according to the last intervention of the Minister of Economy, Finance as well as Economic and Digital Sovereignty: Bruno Le Maire explained, this Tuesday, January 6, 2022, the need to debate in parliament an extension of the energy check for 2023.

“Will parliamentarians decide that it has to affect more than six million people, that we have to go a little beyond? It will be part of the discussion with parliamentarians at the time of the examination of the budget ” thus affirmed the defector from the right, second man of the government, whose remarks are taken up by 20 minutes.

In the current state of things, as Planet was able to explain, several aids have been thought out to preserve the purchasing power of French men and women. These are not necessarily doomed to last until next year. Do not expect, for example, to take advantage of the rebate on the price of a liter of fuel after November 1, 2022.

Moreover, the executive announced the maintenance of the tariff shield. First through the voice of Gabriel Attal, the Minister of Action and Public Accounts, then that of Bruno Le Maire. “We are going to maintain a tariff shield in 2023. We must not derail neither the French bill, nor our public finances”, thus indicated the first, then questioned by France Inter.

This choice results from certain arbitrations, which could be made to the detriment of other aid potentially. In 2023, the State may no longer be able to support certain French people, as BFMTV reports. Companies, on the other hand, inform Les Echos… A good hearer.